Team Bonding

Looking for a way to transform a mundane business meeting into engaging event? Team building activities are an effective and – most importantly – fun way to strengthen communication, rapport, and teamwork among your employees.

Paul Giroux Entertainment provides a team building solution to fit your needs. We offer a variety of constructive programs, or we can create custom sessions for you.

  • Outrageous Olympics – enhance team camaraderie through a gauntlet of wacky Olympic games.
  • Spy School – work to save the world in a competitive game of espionage
  • Bike Build – use wits and creativity to build bicycles for charity in a race against time
  • Game Shows – pit contestants against each other in a series of trivia and physical challenges
  • Elves on a Mission – Elves on a Mission takes a proven winner of a program and dresses it up warmly for the winter holidays. There’s no better time to demonstrate healthy corporate citizenship and give something meaningful back to your community
  • Operation Military Care – A philanthropic team building program that gives back to our soldiers abroad. This repeat client requested program has already been a huge success!

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“Paul Giroux is a hidden gem but now that you have found him, don’t let him go. He is truly the best DJ., Game Show Host, Olympics MC and all around good guy. On the other hand, if you book him, he might not be available for us – go back to searching the web!”

David Goldstein
Founder, Teambonding

I just wanted to thank you again for everything. I have received so many positive remarks about the activity. I appreciate so much your impromptu "DJing". I was so relieved. These are very nice people, but very professional people who work under a lot of pressure; lots of traveling, dealing with the FDA on a regular basis, etc. It was a long day, long meeting, and I think they really welcomed the fact that they could unwind. The game was perfect. Accomplished everything that I had hoped for - it was fun, easy, and encouraged working together as a team.

Jill D.
Johnson & Johnson